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We make learning English fun while saving you money, whatever your ability! Try one of our quiz, or maybe read one free ebooks. Whatever you prefer we are sure that we can find a way that is suitable to your needs!

Take an English Quiz for Free

  • Everyone enjoys taking quizzes, and they're free on the EF English Live platform. Learn English for free with our fun and practical tests that will improve your language skills, help you travel, or land a new job.

  • Take our quizzes as often as you like. It's a practical and straightforward way to better your ability.

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Free eBooks to Improve Your Skills

  • Download our free eBooks for a resource on English idioms and phrasing, and what they mean. You'll discover the correct language to use in business situations or to use in everyday conversation.

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English Learning Tools

  • It's a fact that learning English fit for the business world will give your career a boost. See just how much money you could make with our prospective salary tool.


    With your new English learning, you can apply for new jobs in confidence that your written and spoken English is up to the task.

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Test your English for free

  • Sit the free EF Standardized English Test (EF SET) or any of our excellent free quizzes available in our resource section. The test and quizzes give fast feedback and help you understand how your skills are improving.

  • Use the test to prepare for future exams in reading, writing, listening, and speaking  English.

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