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If you’re tired of practicing your traditional English exercises for holidays then give our fun free English for holidays quizzes a try. With English exercises relating to airport terminology, understanding directions in English and taking trips in English, it’s a great way to practice your skills whilst having some fun at the same time.
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Airport terminologies in English

……….. is where officials check incoming goods and collects the duties. 1/10
Tax Office
Duty Office
Goods Collection
………..... is usually the first thing you do upon arriving at the airport. 2/10
A domestic flight is a form of............ 3/10
Business flight
Commercial flight
International flight
Available flight
................ is distinguished from other travel classes by the quality of seating, food, drinks, ground service and other amenities 4/10
Business flight
Business trip
Business travel
Business Class
The first use of the term "airport" originated in 5/10
................ normally requires baggage checks, metal screenings of individual persons, and rules against any object that could be used as a weapon. 6/10
Airport security
Air traffic controllers
……….... can pose a hazard to aircrafts 7/10
Bird strikes
Dog strikes
Horse strikes
Fish strikes
........... is a major cause of noise disturbances to residents living near airports. 8/10
Big crowds
Aircraft noise
A ......... is a defined rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off of an aircraft 9/10
The definition of deplaned is......... 10/10
No planes available
Planes need to depart
Planes are not in good condition
Disembark from an aircraft


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  • Don’t miss the plane. Know where you need to go and when. This free airport terminology quiz will help you arrive at your next destination smoothly, so you can have nice holidays in English.

Can you give directions in English?

A stranger walks up to you and asks for directions to the nearest bank. You tell him… 1/10
Who knows?
Why can't you find it yourself?
It's just down the road.
Well, it's not an invisible bank, you know!
Someone asks you for directions to a restaurant, but you have no idea where it is. You tell him… 2/10
Go away. Why don't you ask someone else?
Who cares? No one eats there anyway!
Why do you want to go there?
I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't know where it is.
What is a "block"? 3/10
a section of street between two intersections
a piece of wood used for making a fire
a village
an office building filled with rats
The Garden Hotel is to the left of Main Street. How would you direct someone to the hotel? 4/10
Make a right on Main Street and you're there!
Make a left on Main Street and you're there!
Make a left, and then a right. It's right past Main Street.
Easy! It's just round the corner.
The cafe is just past the bank. How would you direct someone to the cafe? 5/10
The cafe is just across from the bank.
The cafe is down the road, next to the bank.
The cafe is inside the bank.
The cafe is just past the bank.
If the museum is "across from the bank", where is the museum? 6/10
opposite the bank
next to the bank
two blocks east of the bank
two block west of the bank
If the cafe is "to the left" of the Butterfly Park, where is the cafe? 7/10
right next to the bank
opposite the Butterfly Park
left of the Butterfly Park
right of the Butterfly Park
Which of the following is a good way to "direct someone to a specific location"? 8/10
draw a picture of the specific location
leave bread crumbs on the floor leading to the specific location
point to the specific location on a map and the direction he should head towards
offer him money
How would you tell a guest in your house where the bathroom is? 9/10
Up the stairs and out the window.
It's up the stairs, on the left.
Just do it in the garden.
Round the back and in the neighbour's house.
A tourist walks up to you and asks "could you tell me where the museum is?" The museum is on Albert Street, next to the Italian restaurant. What is the best way to answer his question? 10/10
The museum is on Albert Street. Go down this way and you'll see it. It is just next to the Italian restaurant.
The museum is on Albert Street.
You'll see it if you see the Italian restaurant.
Go to the Italian restaurant. It's there.


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  • Help another traveller out and feel like a local the next time you travel. Here’s how to give directions, so you can tell people the right way to go in English.

Could you travel in English?

1. You call your travel agent to "book a flight". What are you doing? 1/10
changing your flight reservation
making a reservation
calling to get some information about flights
canceling your flight
2. The travel agent asks if you mind taking a fight with a "layover". What is a "layover"? 2/10
a flight on a propeller plane instead of a jet
an early morning departure time
a stopping point on your route
a flight without a first-class section
3. On your way to the airport, your cab driver asks which "terminal" your flight is in. What is he referring to? 3/10
what time your flight departs
what kind of plane you are flying on
the main subdivisions of an airport
your destination
4. When you arrive at the airport, you discover that your flight has been "delayed". What does this mean? 4/10
your flight will leave later than scheduled
your flight will leave at the scheduled time
your flight will leave earlier than scheduled
your fight has been cancelled
5. While checking in at the ticket counter, the counter agent asks if you have any baggage "to check". What is she asking? 5/10
if she can inspect your luggage
if you have any dangerous items in you bag
if you have any luggage for them to store in the bottom of the plane
if you have all of you bags
6. The place in the airport where flights arrive and depart 6/10
food court
security check
7. As you are getting on your flight, an airline employee asks to see your "boarding pass". What does he want? 7/10
he would like to inspect your luggage
he would like to see some identification
he would like to let you get on the plane before other passengers
he would like to see the official paper with your seat number on it
8. As you are landing, a flight attendant reminds you not to forget your "carry-ons". What is a "carry-on"? 8/10
your airline ticket
the complimentary magazine
a bag you bring with you onto the plane
the bag of snack peanuts
9. After an international flight, you must go through "customs". What is "customs"? 9/10
a resting area for tired travelers
an immigration checkpoint
a place to buy goods without tax
the place to pick up your baggage
10. At customs, the officer asks if you have anything "to declare". What does he mean? 10/10
he wants to know if you are bringing any illegal or regulated goods into the country
he wants to know from which country you are coming
he wants to know how long you plan to stay in the country
he is telling you that you can pass through


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  • You’ve learned airport terminology, and how to give directions in English. Now could you take entire trips in English? Take the test to see if it’s time to book your next holiday.

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