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  • Our entertaining English lessons lead you through the language you need for real-life work, travel and study situations. 

  • Every time you pass a level within our school, you'll receive an English diploma certified by EF to prove your achievements.

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In just a few minutes, you'll be speaking new and useful English words and phrases.

  • This is the promise of each and every exercise within our school.


    Our academic experts have divided language learning into 16 levels from beginner to advanced proficiency. Each level contains six study units with instructions in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Arabic and Turkish. Every unit introduces you to new English vocabulary and grammar in context through one of our high quality videos. We then help you to practise that language with interactive speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises.


    Our innovative Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) software will evaluate your pronunciation, just like a live tutor. You receive feedback at every stage to ensure you're confident before advancing.


    Once you've completed all six units within your level, you receive a diploma certified by EF, and proceed to the next learning level to build your skills even further.

Here are the useful language skills you'll learn at each level:

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