Geschäftsführer Englisch

Unsere Geschäftsenglisch-Quizze eignen sich für alle, die einen professionellen Eindruck an ihrem Arbeitsplatz machen möchten. In Form eines Multiple-Choice-Quizzes ist es an der Zeit, Ihre Geschäftsenglischkenntnisse gegen die EF English Live Quiz-Maschine unter Beweis zu stellen. Dabei geht es um die wichtigsten Aspekte im Bereich Geschäftskommunikation.
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Wie gut sind Ihre Englischkenntnisse fürs Büro?

1. A company would like to "hire" you. What would they like? 1/10
to interview you for a job
to offer you a job
to ask you questions about their product or service
to give you a bonus
2. "Salary" is 2/10
the number of hours a week you work
the amount of money you receive for doing your job
another word for job title
the time period of your contract
3. Your boss asks you to take some "overtime." What does she mean? 3/10
She would like you to work extra time at the office
She would like you to arrive at the office earlier
She would like you to go on a business trip
She would like you to take an extra day off
4. A "cubicle" is 4/10
the person who greets visitors to a company
the office's break area
a measure of an office's size
a small work area in an office created with moveable walls
5. Your co-worker tells you that he is going to "relocate" next month. What is he doing? 5/10
leaving the company
taking a vacation
receiving a higher position
moving to an office in a different city or country
6. A "memo" is 6/10
a notice or reminder
a warning that you are doing your job poorly
a formal offer of employment
a half drank cup of coffee left out at the end of the day
7. If someone "resigns", they 7/10
receive a higher position
voluntarily leave the company
extend their contract
sign every company document two times
8. A "consultant" is someone 8/10
in the highest position in a company
a person who answers phone calls in a company
hired by a company for a set period of time to solve a specific problem
who is interested in buying the company
9. If a company is "downsizing", it is 9/10
losing money
firing employees to reduce costs
buying smaller companies
entering a new industry
10. A "merger" means 10/10
a company hires a new CEO
two companies are arguing over a business deal
the government is investigating a company
two companies join to become one, larger, company


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  • Finden Sie heraus, ob Sie mit Ihrem Business Englisch einen guten Eindruck hinterlassen oder schon bereit für einen englischsprachigen Job sind. Hier finden Sie ein paar knifflige Wörter und Sätze für den Büroalltag.

Können Sie ein Team auf Englisch führen? 

1. You’ve just been assigned the manager of 5 people and are handed an "org chart" of the team. What is an "org chart"? 1/10
A list of the team members' names
An organization chart with the team structure and individual roles within that structure
A seating chart of the team
A chart with personal information on the team
2. You and your team have your first project together. The first thing you should do is assign a(n): 2/10
Project Manager
Strategic planner
Team Player
3. Once you’ve assigned a project manager, you will need to "brief" him/her on the project. What does it mean to "brief" someone? 3/10
To talk to them very quickly about the project
To provide a recap and instructions on the project
To assign them something
To help them understand their job
4. One of your employees comes in with a document and wants your "feedback". What is "feedback"? 4/10
Your opinion & suggestions
Your approval
Your time
Your commitment to the project
5. A forum for group problem-solving is called a: 5/10
Team Session
6. To reward your team for their good performance, you can give them a: 6/10
7. A meeting with the purpose of assessing individual performance is called a(n): 7/10
Performance meeting
Individual report
8. If your team members are lacking certain skills to accomplish their tasks, you can try sending them to ____________ to improve those areas. 8/10
The Library
9.If you notice any friction in your team, ____________ sessions may help them work better together. 9/10
10. If someone in your team seems to be struggling with an assignment, a ____________ can help guide them in the right direction. 10/10


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  • Mitarbeiterführung ist in jedem Land eine Herausforderung. Finden Sie heraus, ob Sie für jegliche Gespräche im Büro gerüstet sind, und ob Sie ein Team zum Erfolg führen können.

Englisch für ExistenzgründerSie machen sich selbständig

An/A _______________ is an/a owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. 1/10
Which one of these is not an example of an asset? 2/10
$500 bank balance
_______ refers to already-produced durable goods used in production of goods or services. 3/10
Real capital
Raw materials
Liquidation is… 4/10
When a business or firm is terminated or bankrupt.
When the owners that ask clients out for drinks
A term not related to businesses
When the company’s stockroom has been flooded
Which one of these is a type of business entity? 5/10
Sole Proprietorships
Limited liability company
All of the above
Which one of these means the same as successful? 6/10
The expenses of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes, utilities and insurance) are called… 7/10
Liability Expenses
Operating expenses
Sundry expenses
Expenditure expenses
Which one of these is an example of a liability? 8/10
Rent income
$200 Attorney fees
Petty cash
Which one of these is not a business function? 9/10
Human Resources
A __________is a business agreement in which parties agree to develop, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. 10/10
Legal agreement
Joint venture
Closed corporation


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  • Sie machen sich selbständig – Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Hier finden Sie einige Begriffe und Vokabeln die Sie für eine Existenzgründung benötigen und die Ihnen helfen erfolgreich zu sein.

Können Sie Vorträge auf Englisch halten?

What does “This chart illustrates…” mean? 1/10
show me this slide please…
this chart illustrates…
show me the money…
late-comers need to…
Which of the following is a good way to start a meeting? 2/10
Good morning, today we’ll be talking about…
Good morning, today we won’t be talking about…
Good morning, I need to go now…
Good morning, did you bring your brains?
It is important at the beginning of the presentation to list the ‘agenda’. What is the ‘agenda’? 3/10
a name list of people in your audience
a list of people who will not be attending
the number of slides in your presentation
a list of topics you’ll be giving the presentation on
It is also important at the beginning to establish whether it is okay to... 4/10
ask questions during the presentation
go to the bathroom
yawn loudly
bring a friend
During a presentation, it is important to: 5/10
sneeze as loudly as possible
race through your presentation
maintain eye contact
show a blank slide
When giving a presentation, you should keep to ‘key concepts’. What are ‘key concepts’? 6/10
visual aids
cryptic messages
important ideas/points
an enthusiastic audience
What of the following should you say to signal the end of your presentation? 7/10
Please bear with me
Would you like to see my slides?
I would be so happy
And that concludes my presentation
“Visual Aids” can help audiences understand your presentation better. What are “visual aids”? 8/10
visually stimulating pictures or graphs
speaking slowly and concisely
arriving early
What does it mean when “Sales peaked in August before declining at an alarming rate”? 9/10
sales were at the highest in August then fell quickly after that
sales were at the lowest in August and then increased quickly after that
sales were good
sales were good after August
Sales are dismal so you’ve ‘come up with a few options’ to tackle the crisis. What does “come up with a few options” mean? 10/10
a troubleshooting team
a marketing campaign
thought up a few possible solutions
reinvented your product’s brand


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  • Nach diesem kurzen Test brauchen Sie keine Angst mehr zu haben, wenn Sie vor einer großen oder kleine Gruppe einen Vortrag halten müssen.

Englisch für das Mitarbeitercoaching

The definition of coaching is...... 1/10
The process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity
An on-going process of helping employee identify and overcome the hurdles that prevent them from excelling at their jobs
The job or process of listening to someone and giving them advice about their problems
Disciplining employees when they do not follow the companies regulations
The purpose of coaching is to 2/10
Get employees to respect time
Inform employees of their obligations
Increase employee productivity
Gain your employees trust
Coaching enables companies to invest in their...... 3/10
...... is needed to effectively coach employees 4/10
Time management
As a coach you have to...... retaining and development needs before you begin training. 5/10
Be responsible for
Inform staff about
In order to find out if your coaching is effective you need to ......... employees’ performance. 6/10
Do not coach an employee if.... 7/10
You are in a hurry
You are aware of the company`s needs
You have enough knowledge to do so
You are patient
Coaching helps to improve ... 8/10
Developing employees helps to build up their...... 9/10
Coaching is useless if you do not gain the employees’ ..... 10/10


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  • Gute Geschäftsbeziehungen im Büro herzustellen ist wichtig um erfolgreich zu sein. Die Grundlage für eine gute Beziehung ist eine gute Kommunikation. Finden Sie heraus, wie gut Ihre Englischkenntnisse im Bereich Mitarbeitercoaching sind.

Können Sie in einer englischsprachigen Besprechung bestehen?

To ask for clarification, you say… 1/10
Could you explain in more detail please?
Where have you been?
Would you please talk to me?
Hello there!
Which of the following is a good way to open a meeting? 2/10
Amy, are you here?
This chart shows how much we spent this year
Since everyone`s here, let`s get started!
Dude, what are you doing?
Which of the following must you never do in a meeting? 3/10
Spit into the speaker’s eye
Arrive early or on time
Listen attentively
Thank everyone for coming
Which of the following should you do during an interview? 4/10
Do the robot dance
End the meeting on time
Harass the speaker with questions
Paint your toenails
What can you say when you disagree with someone? 5/10
I`m sorry, are you blind?
That`s a fantastic idea!
Stupid is as stupid does
I`m afraid I don`t agree
What does the phrase “allotted time” mean? 6/10
the meeting was badly run
no could make it to the meeting
too many are talking at the same time
time that has been allocated
What are you doing when you “bombard the speaker with questions”? 7/10
Forgot to thank the speaker
Answer the speaker’s questions
Ask too many questions
Ask too little questions
Which of the following is a good way to ask the speaker to repeat something? 8/10
Could you repeat that please?
Will you listen to me please?
Shall we take this outside?
Who said you could talk about that??
You can use “We’re here today to…” at the start of the meeting to… 9/10
allow time for late-comers to arrive
assure late-comers are on time
remind everyone what they’ll be discussing
remind everyone that they shouldn’t fall asleep in the meeting
At the end of the meeting, it is good to… 10/10
Give out chocolate wafers and thank everyone
Summarize the meeting and assign tasks
Let out a sigh of relief
Assign blame to a subordinate


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  • Testen Sie es. Wissen Sie, wie man sich in einer Besprechung korrekt verhält und welche die richtigen Sätze und Vokabeln sind.