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Why is online learning so important during coronavirus?

Online learning has become more and more common, whether for comfort, adapting to work hours or just having the freedom to study from anywhere.  And now with the coronavirus pandemic, as people are having to stay at home, it has become more important than ever.

The measures put in place by governments and entities to allow workers and students to do their daily tasks from home confirms that it is possible to carry out these activities from anywhere, with just a computer or smartphone.

What makes online learning so interesting?

Online learning has been growing – in the last decade, the number of online courses, degrees, and masters have greatly increased.

Here are some of the positive aspects of online learning:

  1. Technology has changed everything. Learning through videos, voice recognition, automatic corrections, and live exams, are a few examples of the effectiveness of online learning
  2. Ease of monitoring: This is very simple, in a physical class we would have to take notes on everything the teacher tells us, but in online classes, everything is recorded either on video or in writing.
  3. The human factor. When we talk about online learning we are not talking about self-study, although it is very useful. We must always bear in mind that the help of a teacher is the best way to learn
  4. The ability to connect with people around the world.
  5. The democratization of education. One of the advantages of online learning is that it is relatively low cost and gives people who can’t afford to go to physical school access to quality education.

How has learning English adapted to online education?

One of the most important factors when learning a language is human presence – nobody can teach you a language better than someone who knows it. It is important to have a good balance between self-study exercises and live classes. Each student has specific needs when learning English – and although CEFR standardizes English levels between A1 and C2, each person lives and learns English in a different way.

At EF English Live we have always focused on technology and innovation in education, and we have been offering online courses to learn English from home for almost 20 years. Our online school includes hundreds of interactive exercises and multimedia lessons for you to improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Our key strength is our teachers, who guarantee the best learning experience. Both in one-to-one private classes and in group classes with students from all over the world, our teachers are dedicated to guiding and supporting our students. Furthermore, all our teachers are experts in learning English online, with TEFL or TKT certification.

Why learn English online during coronavirus?

The current fight against the coronavirus is something that concerns us all, and therefore it is very important to follow the guidance from WHO to stay at home. But this should not mean that we must stop learning!

#StayHome but don’t stop learning. We are #StrongerTogether

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