Studying with EF English Live: Private Class or Group Class?

Studying with EF English Live: Private Class or Group Class?

At EF English Live our Private Classes and Group Classes follow a similar structure. They are offered across a range of language levels from beginner to advanced, and above. Each lesson has a topic and a language focus.

For example, in a lesson about taking a flight, the language focus will be waiting in a queue at the check-in desk, duty-free shopping, looking for the gate, going through the security checkpoint and dealing with a canceled flight. In a different lesson, about sport for example, the grammar might be ‘wh-‘ questions with ‘like’ + ‘gerund’: for example, “what sports do you like playing?”

The screen that students see in lessons is similar in Private Classes and Group Classes. There are the main slides, the chat area and the notes section, plus the list of participants. The first activity is a way of introducing the topic. This is followed by vocabulary work, practice and a final task designed to enable the participants to show their understanding of the topic and to use the language structures practiced earlier.

The Group Class is 45 minutes long, the Private Class 40 minutes. Both give students a chance to be immersed in the language, however Private Classes offer more specialist topics. After the Private Class, a detailed report is given on the student’s accuracy, clarity, comprehension, confidence, expression and range, whereas after the Group Class the teacher will note your achievements and language areas that need working on.

Group Classes provide a good way for students to listen to and try and understand a wide range of non-native English speakers. Although most of the class members will be of the same level, all will have different vocabulary they can draw on, so Group Classes can be a great way of extending one’s vocabulary.

Group Classes are also a good way to find out how much others can understand you. Although quite a lot of the conversation is channelled through the teacher, Group Classes can be a great opportunity for friendships to develop, and for everyone to encourage and support each other. It is also nice to know one is not alone when learning. In addition, Group Classes give you the opportunity to find out about other countries and cultures. Remember, you only have to join in as much as you want to!

Private Classes give students an extended opportunity to listen and talk with an English expert. You can also choose the topic, so you can focus on grammar areas that you know need work, or topics that fit in with your circumstances. For instance, a lot of students take a Private Class as a way of practising for a job interview or for doing job related activities in English. You can also have your language level assessed or confirmed through an EFT test. The great thing is that you can flip between these two class methods, so you have the best of both worlds!

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