How to get the most out of your EF English Live course – top tips for advanced level students

How to get the most out of your EF English Live course - top tips for advanced level students

You’re awesome at English and have reached the advanced levels on your EF EF English Live course. Very well done! However, that’s not the end. Don’t quit now!

Just because you are an excellent student doesn’t mean you’re done. Nope, we won’t let you go that easily! It’s for your own good though, I promise. You can’t just stop learning English. The moment you do, your brain will start pushing back everything you have learned further and further.

Learning a language is a constant and continuous process. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a student come to class in late January after taking a month or two off for the winter holiday, and admit to me that they are very rusty because of their holiday break. And this was only a break of a month or two.

You don’t have to say goodbye to EF English Live after you have completed your last lesson. That’s the beauty of Private Classes, they can be about whatever you want. The teachers at EF English Live are more than happy for you to schedule a class about a topic that interests you.

Some of my students bring in articles they found intriguing but don’t fully understand, and we take the time to analyze and discuss them. Another student of mine has brought a work presentation that they needed to present to their coworkers, and we went over it, made sure everything was typed correctly, and then practiced the presentation.

It’s important to continue with your English studies so that you don’t lose everything that you worked so hard for. It would be a shame to throw away all those months and years of English lessons because you thought you were done. If you want to maintain all the hard work you put into learning English, you need to upkeep it by practicing and using the language.

We are happy to chat about any topic you like during your EF English Live Private Classes, so take advantage of this amazing tool and bring in something that really interests you so we can help you maintain your level of English.

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