Find an English role model to improve your language skills

It’s always to have role models in life. A good role model inspires us to do great things or become better people. How can a role model help with learning a language, though? Here’s how to choose a great role model to help improve your English.

First, you need to think about someone who has achieved what you want to achieve in English. Maybe it’s someone at work who can deal with foreign clients easily with fluent English. Maybe it’s a politician who can speak in public really well in English. It might even be a person who has had an amazing travel experience in an English-speaking country because of their language skills. Whoever you choose, make sure they are not a native speaker of English and that you would like to be able to do what they can do.

Decide what you like about your role model’s English. What specific aspect of this person’s language skills do you admire? Is it thier general fluency? Is it their pronunciation or accent? IS it just their confidence in speaking English?

The next step is to work out how your role model reached the level they are at in English. Think about where they studied, and what life experiences have helped them develop such great language skills. If your role model is a famous person, this is easy. Look them up online or read an autobiography to find out the information you need to know. If the person isn’t famous, try and find time to speak to them about how they have reached their goals. Maybe offer to to buy them a coffee or do them a favour in return for telling you about their language-learning history.

The final step it to try and copy your role model’s success. There are some things you may not be able to copy exactly, like spending a long time overseas or going to an expensive school but where this is the case, ask your role model what the most important lessons they learned in that situation were and use them to choose how you study.

The final goal isn’t to be exactly the same as your role model, so rememeber not to copy any aspects of their English learning that don’t suit you. Language is a personal thing so it’s important to remain an individual. Just remember though, every step you take closer to yoru role model is a step closer to your own goal.

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