EF English Live classroom etiquette

EF English Live classroom etiquette

There are certain things you should avoid, or do, to get the most out of taking a group class or private class as part of your EF English Live course. Follow this simple classroom etiquette and you’ll improve your learning experience.

Don’t memorize answers. If you want to attend the same lesson twice on the same day that is not a problem. We understand that a concept might have been difficult for you to grasp, and you wish to attend the lesson a second time to try and understand it better.

However, don’t attend a class, write down all the answers and then simply read them out when you take the class again. Your teacher might not say anything, but we know that you are simply reading out answers, which won’t help you to learn at all.

Turn off the microphone when you are not speaking. I know that listening to us teachers go on and on about this might annoy you, but it’s the most important thing that you can do during class. When your microphone is on, it is distracting for everyone in the classroom including the other students. You may think that you are being quiet but we can not only hear everything, it will also create an echo in the classroom if you don’t turn it off. This also applies to the final task where you do a role-play with another student. Please turn off the microphone when you are not speaking.

Another thing that will help everyone in the classroom is if you tell the teacher why you are not speaking. This will speed up the class because the teacher will not have to constantly ask you to speak and wait to hear nothing. So please be sure that if you are not going to speak during class, you let the teacher know why. Just remember, the teacher is there to help you, and you won’ be able to learn English properly if you avoid talking. So let us hear your wonderful voice and otherwise, let us know your reason for not participating.

Be honest and share your opinion by using emoticons. This behavior is not as important as the others, but I have noticed that classes in which students use emoticons have happier students. So whether you agree or disagree with something, or think something is funny, use the emoticon. Your fellow students and teacher all appreciate it. To find the emoticons look at the button that you use to raise your hand. You will see a little arrow next it, which, if you click on the arrow, will show you a lot of different emoticons.

So these are some tips for EF English Live classroom etiquette. And don’t forget the most important tip of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!

image: Luciano Belviso

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  1. Perfect this text, because that happen often in the class due the fact of some students not watch the video of presentation offered by school.

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