5 reasons to persevere with your English studies

Learning a language is a tough but rewarding process. As with any challenging task, it’s easy to feel like quitting sometimes. Hold on, though; don’t give up. Here are five great reasons not to quit:

1. You’ve already achieved a lot

If you feel unmotivated, use your past achievements as inspiration. Make a list of all the things that you can do in English now. Can you order food in a cafe? Can you introduce a meeting in English? Look at this list and think: do I want to waste all this? You made a commitment to learn English and this will help remind you how far you’ve already come.

2. You need to keep your momentum going

People often think: “I’ll just take a break from learning then go back to it next year”. How many of them do you think actually start learning again? Not many. Family and work commitments take the place of study time and it’s always difficult to find time to get into a study routine again. If you’re already in the habit, don’t break your momentum!

3. Catching up is hard work

It’s easy to lose language skills. Like any other skills, they require regular practice. Just to get back to your current level after a lengthy break will take a lot of work, and that’s without even thinking about making more progress. Consistent practice is the only way to maintain your skills and make real progress.

4. You are making more progress than you may think

As you get to a more advanced level, it’s easy to feel like your progress is slow. That’s because you’re more aware of the language and how much there is still left to learn. Record yourself speaking, and then listen back to it two months from now and you will be able to hear the progress you’ve made. Keep a diary to make a note of any scores from tests or other major achievements. Looking back at this will help you see how much progress you are making.

5. You will reach your goals

It might seem like your ultimate goal is a long way off but you will reach it if you keep studying. When it seems like your goals are unreachable, divide them into smaller goals. Each time you reach one of the smaller goals, it brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

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