3 easy tips to help you get real with your English resolutions

New Year is a time for setting resolutions. While it’s easy to set a resolution, people often don’t achieve them. One of the main reasons for this isn’t a lack of dedication – it’s the resolutions themselves. If a resolution isn’t specific and well-structured, it’s difficult to meet it. Good resolutions, on the other hand, are much more likely to lead to success. Follow these simple tips to set up English resolutions that you can stick to and achieve your English goals in the New Year.


Set a resolution that is focused and measurable. A vague resolution such as ‘I want to improve my English’ isn’t going to help you make the most of your year. You can make it more specific by including the level you want to reach in English or a particular thing you want to be able to do in English. So, a more effective resolution would be to say ‘I want to improve my English level from beginner to intermediate level’ or ‘I want to feel comfortable conducting business meetings in English’. If your resolution is related to a level of English competency, you can measure it using a standard test such as IELTS or TOEIC. If it’s related to feeling comfortable communicating in English in a particular situation, you can measure your success by evaluating your own feelings in that situation.

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Make your resolution an outcome rather than a process. If your resolution is to study for 20 minutes per day but your method of studying is not effective, your English will not improve as quickly as it could. Instead, resolve to achieve a certain level of competency or to be able to communicate in a certain situation. By focusing on the outcome rather than the process and constantly reviewing how effective your study techniques are, you will use your time more efficiently and achieve more.


Be sure your resolution is achievable. Achieving resolutions and goals is partly down to you but there are also a lot of external factors that affect you reaching your goals. The most common of these are money, time, access to experts, and support from family and friends. By planning well, you can take steps to limit the effect that these factors have on your resolution. One simple way to do this is to make sure your family and friends know about your resolution and support you with it. You might even find someone to study with who has the same resolution. Having a study partner is an effective way to stay accountable and make sure you reach your goals.


So, what is your English resolution for the New Year? Take the first step towards reaching your resolution by sharing this article with your friends and letting them know what your English New Year’s resolution is. Get them to support you and help you reach your English goals together!


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