The Motivation Engine: Inspiration for Big Changes to Our Online English School

Over the past couple of years, EF English Live has gone through some pretty big changes as the world of online learning continues to evolve. As you know, most recently, we’ve changed our name. EF Englishtown became EF English Live, in recognition of the expanded scope of our school (with millions of students from all over the world, we’re no longer just a ‘town’) and the live, 24/7 access our students have to our expert teachers.

However, our name change was a culmination of many months of exciting changes within the school itself. Here’s an overview of just a few of our recent changes:

More Group Classes

Given the increased demand for live classes with our teachers, we increased the frequency of Group Conversation Classes from hourly to every 30 minutes. We know that many of our students are busy professionals, so by making our class times more flexible, it means more students can connect with our teachers on their schedule.

Group class

Streamlined Lesson Progress

The academic team behind our school are constantly developing new and improved course lessons based on the latest insight into online learning and language acquisition. One recent innovation involved streamlining the progress through our 16 learning levels, eliminating any unnecessary repetition, updating content and making it easier than ever for our students to progress towards their goals.

EF English Live App for iOs and Android

Back in 2012, we were excited to launch our school on the iPad, making it possible for students with Apple tablets to learn anytime, anywhere. Today, we’re now more accessible than ever, with our course available on both tablet and smartphones for iOs and Android users. Mobile-friendly lessons make it fun and effective to learn on the go and sync your progress across devices.


New look inside the school

The designers and tech experts behind our course are a truly innovative team. By listening to feedback from our students and employing the latest best practice in digital user experience, our school has recently been given an impressive makeover. Improved navigation and a slick interactive design make the EF English Live ‘online campus’ better than ever.

New and improved Study Plan

We’ve always been proud to offer a personalised English learning experience and our flexible Study Plan is at the heart of it. Our course personalisation is now even more comprehensive from day one. When you first start your online course, we’ll ask you about your current English level, goals and available study time each week. We use this information to create a Study Plan to guide you through your English course at the right level and pace for you. We’ve found that this gives our students a clear path to their goals, keeping them motivated and making progress each time they log in.

study plan

As you can see, the EF English Live course has evolved, not only in response to the expertise of our academic and tech teams, but also, more importantly, in response to the needs of our students. We’re constantly striving to offer an online learning platform that is more flexible, more accessible and more motivating to help our students succeed. Our new and improved Study Plan is the best example of this.

Behind our online course is the fundamental belief that learning online shouldn’t mean learning alone, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting your progress and keeping you motivated. When our tech team were developing the new and improved Study Plan, they even referred to it as the ‘Motivation Engine’—and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be. Your Study Plan sequence makes it simple to see your progress and understand the steps you need to take to reach your next goal. Our teachers offer helpful feedback, and when you need an extra nudge to keep going, we’ll send an email reminder to inspire you to succeed. Together, we make real-world English fluency achievable, whatever your level.

Start your English Learning Online with EF English Live. Sign up today and get a free 14-day trial! Whatever your goals, our online English course guarantees your success.


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  2. i want query of your course. i am a begineer. so which type of course is sutable for me?

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