The Flipped Classroom: Why it’s the Most Effective Way to Learn English

Behind EF English Live is a talented global team of technologists, teachers and linguists, all working together to create the best way to learn English online. As part of EF, we benefit from over 50 years of experience teaching English around the world. That’s why we can be confident that EF English Live offers our students a completely cutting-edge and totally effective way to improve their English online.

The English Live School

The course content of EF English Live was created with the understanding that the communicative approach to language learning is the most useful and effective way for adults to learn. Linguists all over the world agree that it’s important to focus on having conversations and developing real-world communication skills, rather than simply memorizing vocabulary and rules of grammar. That’s why speaking and listening are key parts of all of our online English lessons.

Unlike an old-fashioned classroom, our learning model doesn’t ask the teacher to act as a lecturer. Instead, our online teachers act as mentors, coaches and practice partners. Our students learn new English language concepts through self-directed lessons, and then meet our teachers in the online classroom to reinforce and practice what they have learned. Our academic team calls it ‘Flipped Learning’, and we’ve found that it really is the fastest way to learn English online.

Here’s how our method works:

Traditionally, language classes involved detailed vocabulary and grammar instruction in the classroom. This meant that students had to practice what they learned on their own as ‘homework’. Our method works the other way around. That’s why it’s ‘flipped’.

With EF English Live, you are introduced to new language concepts online at your own pace through a series of interactive self-study lessons. This self-directed learning is preparation for a live online English class with one of our expert teachers. Both Group and Private Classes are available 24/7 to help you reinforce what you’ve learned on your own and practice your conversation skills.

When you take a Group Conversation Class online, you’ll be learning with a small group of other students who are studying at the same level as you, making them the perfect practice partners. Your teacher is there to guide the class, allowing you to ask questions and correct any errors in your grammar or pronunciation. Private Classes offer more intensive practice and are totally tailored to you, giving you valuable one-to-one time with a supportive online teacher to review what you’ve learned and gain confidence speaking.

Here’s why it’s effective:

If you are primarily focused on absorbing the content of your teacher’s lecture in a traditional classroom, there is little opportunity to ask questions or get feedback. This generally means that you’re left alone to practice, with no one to mentor you or help correct your mistakes. Because language is fundamentally about being able to communicate, this traditional method lacks the essential conversational aspect of learning.

Traditional learning can also lack flexibility and personalisation. With classroom-based teaching, students must all learn at the same pace, at the same time, in the same place. We know through experience that everyone’s learning style and speed is different. Our self-directed online learning method make the most of your study time by allowing you to speed through concepts you understand well and spend extra time on new concepts that you find challenging.

Access to our supportive teachers online means that you can come to them at any time you have questions or are ready for real conversation practice. This approach gives our teachers a chance to do meaningful, personalised teaching, correcting specific mistakes rather than delivering a generic textbook lesson.

If you’re curious about learning English online and trying our ‘Flipped Classroom’ for yourself, you can sign up now and get a free 14-day trial!.

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