Animal English app – Beta testers needed

We often discuss the benefits of practising with a friend or study partner on this blog. It’s one of the most effective ways to motivate yourself and stay accountable for your learning. What if you don’t have a human partner available, though?

In our latest research and development, learning experts from EF English Live, in collaboration with the Cognitive Science department from the University of Cambridge UK, have recorded increased vocabulary retention in humans when they study English with their pet. They have also found that pets who study English with their owners show increased self-esteem and are 32.45% happier than those animals who don’t study English.

So, with these amazing benefits in mind, EF English Live are proud to announce the beta version of our new app: Animal English.

Designed for how pets learn

We had to completely rethink our learning strategy based on the different ways animals learn. For example, did you know that while humans have one concept and one English word for the smell of fish, cats have 17? You might also be amazed to find out that dogs can only learn new grammar points before 10am. Based on what we have found out about animal language learning, we have introduced a unique time compensation algorithm to match your study times to when your pet will be most receptive. We’ve also completely redesigned our approach to vocabulary to incorporate the unique sets of additional concepts needed to effectively communicate with non-human learners.

There are currently cat and dog-optimized versions of Animal English, but we plan to introduce versions for other popular pets in the future.

Do you want to help shape the future of English learning for animals? If so, sign up below to become part of our exclusive testing community.

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Cutting-edge user experience optimised for paw-touch


We’ve designed a special interface optimised for paw-touch. Cats and dogs lack the dexterity of humans so bold shapes and large areas to interact with mean they can enjoy a simple user interface with no fiddly buttons. We’ve even introduced a dual-species mode so that you can study at the same time as your pet.

Keep track of your pet’s progress

Any pet owner will have had those moments when they wonder what their pet is doing at home while they are at work all day. With Animal English, you can keep track of when your pet is studying and what level they have reached.

In an increasingly competitive global market, you don’t want your pet to get left behind in their language learning. You can set goals and even buy add-on packages if your pet needs specialist English practice for a career in the police, rescue, or work as a guide dog.

Better-than-reality online animal study partners


But what if you don’t have access to an animal study partner? Don’t worry, we’ve created simulations of dog and cat study partners so effective that our testers actually said they were better than real-life animals. You can log on 24-7 and study English with a dog or cat with all the charm of a real pet but that will never make a mess on your carpet.

We’re looking for beta testers


So, with the first version of the app out already, we’re looking for people to help up perfect our user experience and learning design. Are you an English learner at intermediate or higher level who likes to talk to their pet in English? Do you want to help shape the future of English learning for animals? If so, sign up below to become part of our exclusive testing community.

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