Word of the week: vacation

Word of the week: vacation

Have you been on vacation recently or are you planning on going in one soon?

A ‘vacation’ means taking time off work to relax with friends and family either at home or somewhere else. ‘

Vacation’ is the word commonly used in the US, while Brits use the term ‘holiday’. In the US a ‘holiday’ is a special time of public celebration or remembrance such as Christmas, Hanukkah or Labor Day for example.

In many countries the summer vacation is usually between the months of May and August, give or take a few weeks. During this time, kids are out of school and running wild – I remember when I was a teenager I would often go to the beach with my friends. This is my favorite activity, but I am from Florida so this shouldn’t be surprising!

What do you like do when you are on vacation? Are you ‘adventurous’ and always looking for something thrilling to do? Perhaps you like to ‘relax’ more and do nothing for a change? I personally like to mix both.

There is always some mode of ‘transportation’ that gets you to your vacation destination. Which is your favorite? Have you ever experienced a problem before like missing your flight? That’s certain ‘to ruin a vacation’.

During regular work months, do you ever try to sneak in a ‘weekend-getaway’? This is a small vacation, only one weekend long and you’re back to work on Monday. I sometimes do this to revitalize myself and clear my head.

What is your favorite holiday moment? The best place you have been? Your dream vacation? Tell us!


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