Useful English word: resolution

Useful English word: resolution

The New Year is a time for parties, fireworks, champagne and resolutions.

Wait, a party is a social gathering, fireworks are mini explosives that are set off into the air to make pretty designs, champagne is an alcoholic drink, but a resolution, what is that? Let’s find out what the word means so you can start using it in your English conversations.

Well, you are in luck as our phrase of the week is “New Year’s Resolutions.” With New Year’s Eve very close, you will be hearing it a lot. The phrase is used to describe the goals people set for themselves for the New Year, especially things that a person wants to improve about themself.

These are goals that people promise to work on and complete with the hope of becoming a better person by the end of the year. Some popular resolutions are weight loss, learning something new, being healthy, getting a better job, or quitting smoking.

The trend to make resolutions at the beginning of the year started in ancient times when Babylon would pay off debt and return borrowed goods. It was then picked up by the Romans, and eventually entered into the modern world where it became very popular in English speaking cultures.

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Today, many different cultures have different New Year’s dates but an custom that spans most cultures is a tradition of leaving something old behind and adopting something new.

Fun Facts about New Year’s Resolutions:

1. About half of the adult population in North America makes a New Year’s Resolution.

2. The most common resolution is either to quit smoking or drink less.

3. 60% of people who set a resolution break it after 6 months, and 81% have broken their resolution after 24 months.

Therefore, whether you celebrate New Year’s on January 1st or some other date, be sure to make a New Year’s Resolution this year and see how you can complete your goal by the end of the year.

My resolution for the New Year will be the same one I have had for a few years – try something new and meet new people! It’s the only goal I have been able to keep.

image: Wee Keat Chin

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