Key phrasal verbs to talk about computers

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A phrasal verb is a phrase that is made up of a verb and a preposition, for example “wake up”, “sit down” and “run into”. Today, we are going to look at some phrasal verbs that are specifically used when you are talking about computers.

1. ‘Pop up’ – these are adverts or boxes of information that appear on your screen to tell you about something, or try and sell you a product or service. They usually sit on top of the page you are looking at, and you often have to click to close them.

2. ‘Scroll up / down’ – this phrasal verb is used when you move the webpage from top to bottom using your up or down arrow keys. It is how you read the whole Internet page. So, when someone tells you to “scroll up” they are telling you to move closer to the top of the page.

3. ‘Log in’ – this is a common activity that we all perform on computers. Whenever you type a username and password (as you start your computer or open your email for example) you are “logging in”.

Login on Instagram phrasal verbs

4. ‘Set up’ – this phrasal verb is more commonly used when you buy a new computer. You have to make the computer “yours” by downloading all of your programs, and perhaps transferring information from your old computer onto your new one. All of these processes are known as “setting up” the computer.

5. ‘Plug in’ – lots of us have laptop computers that we can carry and use anywhere. These are battery-powered, but when our batteries run out we have to “plug in” the computer to an electric power point.

Now you are ready to have a conversation about your computer. So what do you love the most about your computer?

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