Improve your English – common homophones

Homophones are funny things we have a lot of in English. These are words that sound alike, but don’t have the same meaning or spelling. Here are some common English homophones:

‘Scene’ – a visual location
‘Seen’ – past tense of ‘saw’

“Wow, that couple was causing quite the scene at dinner tonight.”
“Have you seen that new Brad Pitt movie?”

‘Peace’ – a state of harmony
‘Piece’ – a portion of something

“I wish the world could just live in peace.”
“May I have a piece of that chocolate cake please?”

‘Pair’ – a set of two
‘Pear’ – a bottom-heavy fruit

“How many pairs of socks do you have?”
“I just bought some pears, eat them before they go bad.”

‘Flew’ – past tense of fly
‘Flu’ – a common and infectious illness

“We flew over Europe to get here.”
“I think I’m coming down with the flu.”

‘Ant’ – an insect
‘Aunt’ – the sister of a parent

“I have ant bites on my legs.”
“My Aunt Hilda is coming for dinner tonight.”

‘Eye’ – the organ you see through
‘I’ – oneself

“Have you seen the Grand Canyon with your own eyes?”
“I think I will go dancing tonight.”

‘Steal’ – to take unlawfully
‘Steel’ – an iron alloy

“You will go to jail if you steal.”
“This is a stainless steel knife.”

Try practice using these words when you write next time. When we speak it’s impossible to know which one you are really thinking of because it will sound the same. So the real test is when you hear something and need to write it down. Make sure to get the spelling right before you accidentally change the meaning of what you are trying to say.

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