Be flexible to improve your English faster

Languages are always evolving and the English language is changing even faster than many other languages around the world. Because people speak English all over the world and bring to the language so many new words from their own languages, and because we have to constantly think up new words to describe new inventions and changes in the world, vocabulary in English is constantly evolving.

Grammar is always changing in English, too. Whereas 50 years ago, school children would have been told that saying “I wish I was a little bit taller” was incorrect, in modern English it’s a perfectly acceptable way to express yourself.

So, when learning a language, it’s important to adapt and be flexible. The language is changing all the time and you need to change with it.

It’s also important to be able to adapt as you are speaking. If you are struggling to express yourself, try using a different word or sentence structure to make your meaning clear. By having the ability to adapt, someone with a smaller vocabulary can sometimes speak more fluently than a person who has a larger vocabulary or more accurate grammar but who is not able to adapt what they are saying as they speak.

The third area where it’s important to adapt and be flexible is with your learning. There is new technology coming into the world all the time and people who are flexible can make the most of it to improve their English faster. Even if you don’t have access to the latest technology, trying a variety of techniques and learning styles means you are more likely to find one that helps you learn faster.

Most importantly, though, change can be fun. It’s great to have a routine but variety and change are what makes life interesting. Embrace change in English, adapt and be flexible and you will see how much it helps you improve your English skills.

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