Phrasal Verbs with GO + Quiz

English grammar quiz: phrasal verbs – “to go”

What are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal Verbs: wow, do we have a lot of them in English! A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and preposition, or sometimes a verb and an adverb, that go together.

Phrasal Verbs with GO

In this blog post we’ll just focus on the phrasal verbs that use the verb ‘to go’. Some of the ‘to go’ phrasal verbs have multiple meanings, so here is a quiz to see if you know any of them already.

Match the phrases with the correct definition of the ‘to go’ phrasal verb.

1) “Let’s all take just one sandwich so there are enough to go around.”
2) “I think if we just go around this corner here we will find the mall.”
3) “I really don’t like him, I wish he would just go away!”
4) “Time is going by so quickly, I can’t believe our vacation is almost over.”
5) “Just go by the regulations that are posted here and you will be fine.”
6) “Your team will go down after tonight’s game! My team will win for sure.”
7) “This meal is going down well, I haven’t eaten all day.”
8) “The fireworks are going off tonight at 8pm.”
9) “I’m sure the party tonight will go off without a hitch, no worries.”
10) “Let’s go along this way, that’s where everyone else is headed.”
11) “I went over your homework and you did great.”
12) “I went through so much today, I’m exhausted.”

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a) to act in accordance – go by
b) to experience; endure – go through
c) to happen in a particular manner – go off
d) to satisfy a need or demand – go around
e) to go under – go down
f) to ingest – go down
g) to circulate – go around
h) to pass or elapse – go by
i) to cooperate; follow – go along
j) to leave – go away
k) to explode – go off
l) to check; examine – go over

How did you do? Have you used some of these before? Try going over them with us to see if you’re using them properly.

Answers: 1) d. 2) g. 3) j. 4) h. 5) a. 6) e 7) f. 8) k. 9) c. 10) i. 11) l 12) b.

image: Brooklyn Museum 

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