6 ways to greet your friends in English during the festive season

Winter is a great time for having fun with English-speaking friends. There are loads of winter festivals to enjoy and in most English-speaking counties, it’s the main time of year for office parties! Whether you are writing a card or attending a party, there are several fun ways to greet your friends in English during the holidays. Here are six great ways to greet your English-speaking friends this winter.

Season’s greetings

This is a useful expression because it can be used to greet people of any religion during the winter. You can write ‘Season’s greetings’ in a card or say it when you meet someone during the festive season.

Happy holidays

The holiday season is a time for happiness and this greeting sums it up well. Again, it works fine to write this in a card or say it aloud. You can even sing it in a winter song!

Happy/Merry Christmas

If people are celebrating Christmas, they prefer to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in the US. However, people in the UK often say ‘Happy Christmas’.For more fun differences in holiday traditions between the US and UK, take a look at this article. 

A kiss under the mistletoe

If you’re feeling romantic, why not join in with this winter tradition. Kissing under the mistletoe is a romantic way to celebrate the festive season with that special person in your life

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Say ‘cheers!’

Get together with friends for a drink and raise your glasses together to make a toast to all the things that have made this year great, and think about all the wonderful things that will happen next year.

Happy New Year!

Most English-speaking countries celebrate New Year’s Eve by staying up late and waiting for midnight to welcome in the new year. ‘Happy New Year’ is fun way to greet friends the first time you see them in the new year, too.

So, what festivals are you celebrating this winter and how will you greet people? Share your greetings in the comments section below.



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