Word of the moment: Adventure

Are you someone that likes to try different things and do activities that are fun and maybe even unusual? Then you are probably someone who enjoys ‘adventure’. ‘Adventures’ are fun, exciting and unusual activities that can sometimes be dangerous or have an aspect of risk involved. ‘Adventures’ can be your travels or extreme sports activities such as skydiving, kayaking or bungee jumping.

The word ‘adventure’ itself has an interesting history behind it. It actually comes from a Latin word, ‘adventūra’, which means something that must happen. After that, it was incorporated into Old French as ‘aventure’. From here, Middle English adopted the word and gave it its current meaning.

If someone likes to go on adventures that involves some risk, then they can be referred to as an ‘adrenaline junkie. The reason for this is, when we do an activity that could be dangerous or involves a stress factor, our bodies release a chemical that is called ‘adrenaline.’ This chemical makes your body react to help you survive the situation. Some people find this ‘rush of adrenaline’ addicting, which is the reason why many people enjoy extreme sports.

Many people also like to travel around the world, often exploring little known areas or venturing away from places mentioned in guidebooks, making their travels quite ‘adventurous’.

My favorite adventure is to go skydiving. I have done it twice and hope to do it many more times. What kinds of adventures have you been on?

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