Valentine’s English: How to write the perfect Valentine’s card

The most romantic date in the calendar is just around the corner. A day when lovers everywhere celebrate their love by doing something special for one another. If you’re not in a relationship then it’s the perfect day to let the person you’ve been endlessly dreaming about know exactly how you feel about them. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, and whether you want to remain a secret admirer or not, a Valentine’s card is a wonderful way to let someone know just how much they mean to you.

But – Valentine’s cards can be hard to write – even for those who speak perfect English! Expressing our true feelings in words can be difficult – we don’t want to embarrass ourselves and we don’t want to say anything we don’t mean. We want to sound romantic but we don’t want to sound too clichéd.

These simple tips will help you to write a Valentine’s card that’s really from the heart.


Words come easily when we are inspired and there are plenty of ways to inspire words of love.


Think about how you feel when you’re with the person. Do they make you happy? Smile? Feel warm? Secure? Write down the words and feelings that come to you when you think about being with them.


Think about how you feel when you and the person are apart. Do you feel sad? Bored? Alone? Do you daydream about them all the time? Everybody loves to be missed! And the words you think of here will help you express just how much you miss the other person, letting them know just how much more fun your life is with them in it.


Think about the future. An important part of romantic love is daydreaming about the future together. It makes the relationship stronger – and it’s fun to share each other’s dreams! Your dream home, moving away from the city, having children, cats, dogs, where you would love to travel to – letting them know you’re looking forward to a future with them will make them feel so happy and secure.


Think about the past. Shared memories are very strong and wonderfully romantic. Think about the happiest times you’ve spent together and the words and places that are special only to the two of you and use these to inspire your message.


Everyone loves to laugh – laughter is what bonds us together. Share something in your message that you know your special someone will find funny – a funny word or joke that you share.


A Valentine’s card is also a great place to apologise for any mistakes you think you might have made. Admitting your mistakes shows that you really care about the other person’s feelings. Don’t detail every little mistake, or drag this out, just mention something that you think you could have handled better and that you’re grateful that the other person was so understanding about it. You can even use humour here, by apologising for a very tiny mistake – like forgetting to record their favourite TV show.

Borrowed words

If you really are struggling then here’s a word that will help you out: ‘quotation’. Look to your favourite poets and writers and quote some of their romantic lines. Love is universal and many love poems contain words and details that mean a lot to all of us, not just to the writer. It doesn’t have to be a love poem or a novel – think about your favourite romantic movie moments or song lyrics and use these to express how you feel.

Don’t be afraid – be honest

Whether your English is grade A or not, it’s the feeling that counts. If someone loves you, they won’t care in the slightest about spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. Love transcends the written word and whoever is lucky enough to receive your card will feel special just for having received it in the first place.

So don’t worry about trying to be the next Shakespeare, the important thing is to be honest. The fact you have made the effort simply to express how you feel to someone will always make them smile.

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