Make your English resolutions SMART for success in the New Year

new year smart english resolutions

New Year is time for making resolutions and planning your goals for the coming year. This year, make sure you reach your goals by making them SMART. Many people use the SMART method for setting goals in business but it works really well for personal goals, too. A SMART goal should be:


Don’t be general, explain exactly what you want to achieve. If you have general goals, break them down into more specific ones. Make your goals specific so you can focus on reaching them.


Find a way to measure your achievement. This is important because it means you can evaluate to what extent you have reached your goal.


There’s no point in setting goals you will never reach. Make sure your goals are achievable but not too easy.

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The goals should be relevant to your bigger plans for the future. Will your goal help you get where you want to go in life? If not, choose a different one.


It’s easy to keep putting off plans and if you do that you will never achieve your goals. Set a specific time for when you want to have reached your goal to make sure it actually happens.

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So, what are your SMART goals for the coming year? Are they about learning English? If so, share them with your friends on social media or using the comments section below.

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