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While living in the UK, I have met lots of people from different countries, and working in a pub, where staff comes and goes, I have met many people from all over the world. That’s even how I met my Australian boyfriend. We were working in the same pub, spending lots of time together, and eventually fell in love!
It is interesting to gain insight on what brings people from all over the world to the UK, so I asked my boyfriend a few questions to get a better understanding on why he—and so many Australians like him—decide to come to Europe.

What are the reasons why you decided to move to the UK?

I moved to the UK to experience life in a distant city. I wanted to meet new people, work in a foreign city and be able to have easy access to all of Europe.

What was your first reaction to London?

I thought it was big, overwhelming, but with lots to do. I found an area that was not too different from home, and felt comfortable pretty much straight away.

How do you feel being so far away from home?

I don’t really miss home, but I do miss certain aspect of Australia. If I could name the three things I miss the most I would say: the weather, the beach, and my friends and family.

If you could live somewhere else in Europe, where would you live?

I lived in London for a year, and then I moved to Scotland. If I had to move again, I would say Barcelona. I feel like that city has a lot to offer.

How many countries in Europe have you visited so far?

I have visited nine countries, but hope to see many more before I head back home. Travelling is one of the reasons why I am now in the UK.

Would you do it all over again?

Life is much different than back home, but I continue to enjoy the highs and lows of living so far from home. I would do it again, and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of challenging themselves and moving abroad to give it a try.

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