How to Order a Sandwich in English

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Here’s how you can ensure you get the sandwich you want by using some of these phrases.

Type of bread 

When you order a sandwich you will usually be asked to choose the type of bread you would like to order. For example: You could order “rye bread”, “white bread” or “wheat bread”. 

Seller: “Would you like to place an order?”
Jane: “May I have one pastrami sub on white bread please?” 

Or you can also say… 

Jane: “May I have one pastrami sub please?”
Seller: “Sure, what kind of bread would you like?”
Jane: “White bread please.” 

Excluding ingredients 

These days, sandwiches come with many ingredients. If there is an ingredient that you don’t want you can ask the server to exclude that ingredient. For example: Jane she doesn’t like lettuce. 

Seller: “What would you like to order?”
Jane: “I’ll have one Pastrami sub on white bread please.”
Seller: “Sure.”
Jane: “Please hold the lettuce.” 

You can use the word “hold” with other ingredients too. For example: “hold the tomato”. 

Including ingredients 

You can also ask the server to add ingredients such as “cheese”, “tomato” or “meat”, to your sandwich. You can also ask the server to add sauces such as “mayonnaise” or “barbeque”. 

Jane: “May I have one cheese sub with extra mayonnaise please.” 

Or you can also say… 

Jane: “Can you add tomatoes to my cheese sandwich please.” 

Remember, if you decide what kind of bread and ingredients you want to order before reaching the counter, your experience will be less stressful.


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