Four topics that make great English conversation starters

Have you ever met someone and been at a loss for conversation? Today, we are going to talk about some great conversation starters to use when meeting new people. These topics can be used in business meetings, or simply in a friendly chat with a new acquaintance.

  1. Weather – This is a reliable conversation starter for any situation. Whether you are sitting in a restaurant and want to talk to the person next to you, or you just entered a meeting room with the head of a company, a quick comment on the current weather conditions is a nice way to break the ice.
  2. Sports – Did a major game happen over the weekend? If so, bring it up and talk about it. Ask someone how he or she felt about the game.  Did they support a particular team? Have they ever played that sport themselves?
  3. The weekend – Is it Monday? Or is it Friday? If the weekend is fast approaching, you can ask a person about their weekend plans. If it’s Monday, you could ask: “Did you have a good weekend?” If it’s later in the week, try asking: “Any big plans for the weekend?”
  4. Movies – Movies are a great topic to chat about. You could ask: “What types of movies do you like?” or “What was the last movie you saw?” These questions can lead to some wonderful discussions.

Now that you have some great conversation starters, go out and meet new people and make some new friends.

Good luck!

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