A #EnglishLover at Expo Milan 2015

You’ve heard a lot about it, you’ve seen plenty of pictures about it, but if you’ve never been there, you should definitely go and see it with your own eyes! Still don’t know what I am talking about? The answer is Expo Milan 2015, the huge universal exposition where food, cultures, languages and, most of all, people meet up and create a unique multiethnic atmosphere.

Food is important for the culture of every country and the main purpose of this event was to spread the word about different cultures’ cuisines. Smitten by curiosity, I bought a ticket and went to check it out. They actually went beyond that! In every pavilion you could find instruments, pictures, garments and many other objects that will make you deeply understand the culture of every country. As a #Englishlover, I couldn’t help falling in love with the UK Pavilion. Based on the journey of a bee from the flower to the hive, the UK pavilion was actually a…beehive! Yes, it might sound strange but on the top floor of this small building you could find a 17 meter-high fake beehive full of lights. This might have been the highlight of everyone’s visit to the expo.

Another thing that took my breath away was the Tree of Life. It is a stylish tree made of iron and wood, built in the middle of a huge fountain. This amazing tree also “comes alive” in the evening and offers a show of lights, high water spurts and fireworks that lasts for thirty minutes. It was absolutely worth it.

So what are you waiting for? Milan Expo will close on the 1st of November, so you’d better hurry up and book a ticket. If you are also passionate about the English food and culture , you could become a #Englishlover ambassador to be part of an exciting programme.

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