What is your English mantra?

Quite a few years ago, I took up running to help me lose weight. At first it was really tough. I could hardly run for two minutes without getting out of breath. I was very tempted to quit but I kept practising and after a few months I was running more than eight kilometers every day. Eight kilometers might not seem like a lot but I am naturally a lazy person so it was a good achievement for me.

Learning a language is a lot like a sport – regular practice is the only way to get good at it. Just like a sport, it takes determination to reach your goals but when you do the rewards are great.

So if, like me, you’re not naturally a determined person, how do you focus on reaching these goals? Try doing what I did and yourself an English mantra.

A mantra is a phrase that people say to themselves repeatedly in order to make themselves feel more inspired and focus on what they want to do. Some people use it to meditate and others just say it to themselves when they are finding something tough and want to focus and reach their goals.

If you can think of a mantra yourself, that’s great. If not, borrow one by using a quote from a person that you admire. I borrowed my running mantra from an author I liked at the time who was also a very keen runner. It was “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” which means that even though running can be tough and painful, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.

So, it’s time to go out and choose an English mantra then next time you feel like you want to quit studying, repeat your mantra to yourself to feel inspired and reach your goals in English!

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