Do you dream in English?

English is full of expressions to describe the world of sleep and dreams. After all, most of us spend nearly a third of our lives asleep! Practise talking about sleep in English with these interesting expressions that definitely won’t put you to sleep!

Sweet dreams

Are these dreams full of cake and candy? No! This expression is used to wish someone a good night’s sleep with pleasant dreams. It is often said to a loved one just before he or she goes to bed: “Sweet dreams, my love!”

Recurring nightmare

These dreams are definitely not sweet! Nightmares are dreams that are scary. If you have the same nightmare over and over, it’s called a recurring nightmare.

Hit the hay

When someone tells you it’s time to hit the hay, relax! It doesn’t mean you have to go out to a barn or do any physical work. Mattresses in the West used to be filled with hay – so this just means it’s time to go to sleep.

Heavy/light sleeper

Are heavy sleepers typically big and tall while light sleepers are small and thin? Of course not! Heavy sleepers are people who sleep very deeply and do not wake up easily. For light sleepers, the opposite is true. They can wake up even from the slightest noise.

Sleep like a log

Imagine a log – heavy and difficult to move. If someone is sleeping like a log, they are sleeping very deeply without lots of tossing and turning. For example, you may say, “I’m so tired from all that exercise that I’ll sleep like a log tonight!”

Sleep in

If someone says they like to sleep in, then it’s best not to call them too early in the morning. This expression is used when a person wakes up very late. For example, “I sleep in every weekend and wake up around noon.”

Power nap

Do you ever feel exhausted in the middle of the day? If so, a power nap may be just the remedy for you! While sleeping for several hours can leave you feeling even sleepier, a short power nap of no more than 30 minutes should revitalize you.


Some people can fall asleep almost anywhere, while others lay awake at night wishing they could. A person who can’t easily fall asleep has insomnia and is called an insomniac.

Doze off

Sometimes, when we’re especially tired, we somehow slip off to sleep without meaning to. This is called dozing off. Perhaps you doze off while you’re watching TV, reading a textbook or even in class or at work!

So, how about you? Are you a heavy or light sleeper? When was the last time you dozed off? Do you sleep in on the weekends? Next time you’re ready to hit the hay, have a sweet dream – in English!

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