An Italian in London: top tips for surviving a job interview in English

An Italian in London: top tips for surviving a job interview in English

So you are now living in London, or are planning to move to the big city, with its millions of inhabitants, its traffic, its double-decker buses and its tube system.

What’s the next step? Finding a job.

Finding a job in London is not that easy, and it takes a while to find the perfect one. One you’d like and love, one you’d be ready and happy to do all day from the moment you wake up in the morning.

It’s even more difficult to get a job interview!

In the three years I’ve lived in London I have been through at least 30 interviews. I’ve heard the same old questions many times, from “What exactly are you doing in London” to “What major challenges and problems have you faced in past roles?”

My first interview was a total nightmare. I spoke English well, but I wasn’t as confident as I am now. I started talking about my previous job and about my life when the lady interviewing me stopped me and asked me: “How do you organize yourself during a busy period?” Well, at the time I thought answering with “I create a bullet proof list of things to do” was just perfect. After the interview I eventually found out that correct term is ‘bullet point’, not ‘proof’.

So tip number one: check out some potential questions online and prepare a list of decent answers. Make sure you check the spelling and correct terminology!

Tip number two: don’t put pictures on your CV. I have done that thinking it was a good idea. Well, it’s not a good idea! You don’t want to find yourself answering questions like “Did you change your hair color from this picture?” during a serious interview.

Tip number three: don’t lie on your CV. You also don’t want to find yourself struggling through a German conversation with the German girl that is interviewing you, because she read on your CV “fluent in German”. Which you were, but like 10 years ago!

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