A British favourite – talking about the weather

talking about the weather

Deliberating about the weather conditions, thinking about what kind of rain we might get today, tomorrow, or over the next six months, is as much a part of English culture as a Sunday roast, or gin and tonic.

In England, it is not a question of if, it’s more a question of when it’s going to rain. Leaving your umbrella at home here in the UK is like forgetting your wallet; you are lost without it.

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As the weather in this country is so predictable, even a single ray of sunshine changes everybody’s mood: everyone is smiling and happy, everyone runs to the park for picnics, everyone gets out of the office during lunch breaks. It’s a completely different country, England with the sun.

Even if the sun is shining, you can be sure that the Brits will continue to check the weather forecast, as they realize that this joyous occasion of enjoying the sunshine won’t last forever. And there they are, checking their smartphones to see if they will have their lunch break back in the office tomorrow, or if they should carry their umbrella home from work for the morning after.

An Italian in London: a British favourite - talking about the weather

This obsession with checking the weather forecast got to me as well. I now check my phone every morning to find out if I have to wear three jumpers or only one, if I can wear one pair of shoes, or choose another one.

So as I have continued to adapt to life in England, I have learnt to adapt to all the weather conditions it throws at me. You can be sure that when it is bucketing down with rain, I’ll be dry under my umbrella, and when the sun is shining, I will be enjoying a cold beer in the park with a smile on my face, wondering just how long this unlikely phenomenon will last.

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