7 steps to the perfect English love letter

In an age of instant messaging, video calls and social media, how do you tell someone you love them and really make your voice heard. One way is to write an old-fashioned love letter. Why a letter, though? It shows a personal touch and gives the recipient something they can keep forever. It’s important to get it right, though. So how do you do that? Follow these seven simple steps to the perfect love letter in English.

Plan properly

Before you start writing, think of the reader. What does he or she like? Do you have any special shared experiences you can mention? Is there anything you know he or she really dislikes? Write down some ideas you can include in the letter then decide which you think will be the most effective for capturing the attention of the one you love. This will be the main content of your letter.

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Tell a story, not a saga

Now that you have some ideas, arrange them so that they form a narrative. Telling a story is a great way to keep the reader engaged. In this case, it could be the story of your love. Don’t make it too long, though. In the age of the internet a ten-page saga is a sure way to lose your reader. Start small and focus on quality.

Steal like an artist

The famous artist Pablo Picasso is often quoted as saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. If you are short of ideas, find some in poetry or famous characters from movies or books. Make sure to make these ideas your own by relating them to the object of your affections.

Use humour

Don’t be afraid to make it fun. Humour works well to keep the letter engaging and laughing together often brings people closer. It can also be a good way to break the ice if you find it awkward explaining your emotions.

Choose the right words

Once you’ve written your first draft, read through it and replace any boring words with more descriptive ones. A ‘nice’ smile, could become ‘a smile that lights up my day’ or a ‘good’ time, could be ‘a time that I will remember forever’. Make your words work for you to have a real impact on the reader.

Present it perfectly

Presentation is important, too. Choose the right stationery and take time to make sure your handwriting looks perfect. It should be easy to read but personal. Depending on your skills, you might want to add a little drawing, too.

Make sure it gets there!

Now you’ve put all this hard work into your letter, you’ll need to make sure it gets there. Send it first class or even with a small gift such as some flowers so you know it will get to the person you love. Even better, you could deliver it in person.

So, now you know how to write the perfect love letter in English, there’s just one thing left to decide: who will you send it to?

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