5 Ways to Say Thank You in English

‘Thank you’ is one of the first expressions people learn when they start learning English. Sometimes, just a simple ‘thank-you’ isn’t enough to show your appreciation fully, though. Use these five ways to say Thank You in English to show your friends how truly grateful you are.

I couldn’t have done it without you

If someone has been vital in helping you achieve something, let them know how important they were. Acknowledging someone’s help will make them feel great and let them know that you aren’t trying to take all the credit yourself.

Thanks for having my back

When someone has been generally helpful to you at tough time, you can say this. A similar phrase you could try is “Thanks for looking out for me.” These expressions are both useful for thanking people who have supported you over a long period in your life.

I owe you!

When someone helps you, it’s great to let them know that you would help them too if they were in  trouble. Say “I owe you” or “I owe you one” to let your friend know that you will repay their kindness at some point in the future.

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Thanks for being such a star

When someone has really helped you out of a tough situation, especially by using a special skill or personality trait, you can use this expression. A star is a very special or amazing person, though, so make sure only to use this expression if you really mean it!

This means a lot to me

When people help you, what might seem like a simple task to them could really make a big difference to you. If this is the case, remind the person how important their help was by saying “This means a lot to me.”

So, next time someone helps you out, think twice about what you will say to them and make sure to show your appreciation appropriately.

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