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English for Going to the Movies

All the English phrases you need to go to the movies – from buying a ticket, arranging to meet a friend, to buying popcorn!

When a new film is released, you can inquire: 
“When is the release date or premiere of ‘Movie Name’?”
“When is the next show?”
“When does the next movie start?”

When arranging to meet a friend for a movie, you might ask:
“Which cinema is it showing at?”
“How do I get there?”

When you arrive at the ticket office, you’ll be asked:
“Which film would you like to see? Which show time?”
“How many seats would you like?” 
“Where would you like to sit?”

You may ask:
“How much is it?”
“How much will that be?”

You may also ask the salesperson directly:
“May I have 2 tickets for the 8 o’clock show of ‘Movie Name'”
“We would like to sit in row G, seats 12 to 14”

At the service counter, you can ask:
“Where can I buy popcorn and coke?”

Many cinemas offer a range of sodas and flavorings for popcorn: from salts and spices to butter and sugar; even caramel-coated! The biggest choice is size. Don’t forget measure words, using adjectives like ‘small, medium or large’. 

For instance:
“I’d like a medium (box of) popcorn and a large grape-flavoured slush puppy please”
“I’d like a small soda and a box of chocolates”

If you have to get pass people to get to your seat, you should say:
“Excuse me”

What is going to the movies like in your country? Do you still have ushers? Is there fixed seating or are people able to sit anywhere they like when they walk in to the theater?


My name is Nina Ragusa and I am from sunny Florida in The States. I picked up and moved to Thailand almost two years ago to teach ESL and I have been loving life more and more everyday.Traveling is my passion and my mission in life is to see as many countries as I can! I also enjoy reading, hiking, beach bumming, and writing.

Nina Ragusa

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