How to structure your English CV to make you stand out from others

How to structure your English CV to make you stand out from others

English CVs can be quite confusing. We like ordering things in a specific way, and you may not be hired unless it’s done correctly. Therefore it’s important to make sure your CV is impressive to get the job you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to organise an English CV.

Firstly, start with your name, address and contact details – these are your telephone number and your email address. Remember to add these – you could be selected for an interview for the best job in the world, but without your contact details – you’d never know.

Next, you might want to mention your education – where did you study? Keep it brief. The employer only wants to know your school and your grades – no long stories about your studies please!

Then go onto work experience. What experience do you have? For example, if you are applying for a part-time job while you are in the UK – make sure you include any relevant past experience on your CV. If you don’t have any experience in the field of work you are applying for then list any other working experience you have. Perhaps you volunteered at a charity event, or did some work experience at a newspaper. Everything counts.

Next mention any skills that you have. For example, what languages can you speak? And are you good with any particular computer programs?

Finally, finish your CV by listing your interests. Perhaps you like going to art galleries, reading books or watching sport? If you have any interesting hobbies then be sure to add them – it’s a great conversation starter and makes you stand out. Whatever you do, don’t lie. If you say you like swimming with sharks be prepared to talk about your love of swimming with sharks. If your interviewer asks you about your hobby and you can’t answer their question it makes you look bad and you may not get the job!

Once you’re finished make sure you ask someone else to read your CV to check for spelling mistakes. Follow these tips to create an impressive CV and you should find a great job in no time.


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