Career English: business idioms

Career English: business idioms

Here are some useful idioms and phrases that are used in business English, especially during meetings.

1. “Let’s get the ball rolling” – This idiom is usually used when a project is starting. This is another way to say, “Let’s start the project.”

2. “…sharp” – This expression is used to indicate a certain time such as “nine o’clock sharp.” This phrase means that you need to be on time, so if a person says, “the meeting will begin at 12:30 sharp” it means “the meeting will begin promptly at 12:30.”

3. “ To fill someone in” – This idiom is often used when a person walks into a situation and has missed some important information. Usually another person will “fill them in” which means that they will let the person know what information they have missed. This idiom is also used outside of business meetings in informal settings to let someone know the information that they might have missed.

4. “Let’s get the show on the road” – This is another idiom that is used to talk about getting things started. Usually the idiom is used to get projects started once all the details have been decided on.

These are just some of the idioms that are used during business meetings. What are some of the most common idioms that are used in your language?

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