5 Essential things to include in your English cover letter

When you are applying for your dream job, just having a perfect CV in English is not enough. In order to get noticed and invited for an interview, you will need a great cover letter, too. It’s the cover letter that a recruiter will read first so to make sure yours gets noticed, make sure to include these things in your English cover letter.

Specific information

Many people send standard, generic cover letters to their potential employers. However, such a letter does not help you stand out from crowd. When there are lots of applicants for a job, you need to be very specific and really show why you are the best candidate for this specific position. Taking the time to include specific information shows the recruiter that you really care about this position.

Information from the job advert

Use information from the job advert to show what a perfect match you are for the job. You could also add here how you will fit into the company. For example, if the advert asks for a particular kind of experience, that is the experience that you should mention in your cover letter.

Your strengths

Always highlight your strong points. State exactly what your strengths are and why and how this will be useful in this position. You don’t want to draw attention to your weakness. However, if there is something unusual about your experience or you are making a career move, you should use this opportunity to succinctly explain these in a positive light.

How you will benefit the company

Show how suitable you are for the position and how the company will benefit from employing you. Any information about how badly you need this job is irrelevant and won’t create a good impression. It’s great to sound interested in the job but you don’t want to sound desperate.

Contact details

Although your contact details are on your CV or resume, you should include this information briefly in your letter. If you have several telephone numbers, make sure to write which one you are available on at which time of the day. You want to make it as easy as possible for the potential employer to find this information and contact you.

Next time you write a cover letter, remember to proof-read it and check for these things. They could make the difference between being ignored or called for an interview. In EF English Live Business English course we make sure all is correct!

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