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Study English online with people like you

Our social conversation classes offer you a unique opportunity to meet and chat in English with students from across the globe.

You'll find adults from all over the world, and all walks of life in our school. You may find that you share some common goals however, like improving your career prospects, taking a test or traveling to somewhere new.

Learning alongside other students is not only an effective way to immerse yourself in English, it's a great way to find out about other countries and cultures too.

Here's a quick introduction to some students you might meet in one of your Group Classes:

Say 'Hello' to Mariko

Sales Representative Mariko did a lot of research before choosing to study with EF English Live. She particularly enjoys our Group Classes; "In Group Classes I can apply the English skills that I just learned, right away. EF English Live also taught me different ways to express myself in English."


Mariko has been studying English to support her goal of working in another country one day. But finding the right place to learn English wasn't so easy. "After trying out three different English learning schools and researching other online schools, I decided to try out EF English Live. I also bought books to self-study English, yet the materials of EF English Live are much higher quality than my books."

Mariko has found our Business English and Private Classes very helpful; "I took lessons to prepare for job interviews. I don't have anyone to ask for tips about job interviews in English, so EF English Live's Private Class was the only valuable source for tips."

Mariko also thinks EF English Live offers great value to students as they make progress; "Another good thing about EF English Live is that it's the same cost at all levels. In Japan, there are many English schools that ask you to pay extra once you go to a higher level. EF English Live stays the same cost at all levels, so this motivates me to improve my English skills more." 

Say 'Hi' to Diego

As a software engineer, Diego appreciates the innovative approach EF takes towards studying English online. He's a big fan of social learning, so you're likely to find him practicing his grammar and pronunciation in our Group Classes. What's his favorite aspect of EF English Live? "Everything is amazing. It's difficult to choose one. I'm serious!”


Diego wanted to learn but needed a solution that fit his lifestyle.
“I studied in a traditional school but I hardly was there! I needed a school that could fit my time, not the opposite. One day, a consultant of EF English Live called me and gave me an overview of the school. I didn't know that the price was so accessible.”

He’s found success with EF English Live and the support of our skilled teachers.
"The teachers always send me feedback indicating, fixing and commenting on any mistakes. That's wonderful and essential. It feels like you have an attentive private teacher always available. With that, I improved my vocabulary and writing. With Group Classes, I won more confidence to speak while I learned important topics suitable to my level."

I am addicted to the Private Classes. I love the way the teachers conduct the classes. Private Classes are the best way to improve conversation skills. Also, they are a good way to learn how to describe things and situations with your own words, aided with intelligent help of any teacher. I feel like I am a friend of each teacher. The problem is: which teacher will I choose today? They all are great, patient and friendly!”

How does Diego fit learning into his life?
“I started studying about 4-6 hour a day, but conflicts with other studies meant I reduced to a few hours per month, unfortunately. But, this is wonderful! I can study on my own time, anytime. No punishments, no pain. I know that I have to compensate if I fall behind, but that's in my time, not on a school's schedule.”

What keeps Diego motivated?
“I feel good when I perceive that my comprehension and conversation becomes more fluent and confident. This keeps me motivated forever!

Another very (and I mean VERY) important thing that keeps me motivated is the feedback provided by the teachers. You do not have any idea how much that can keep students happy and motivated. It's good to know how we can do more, and how we can improve our skills.”

Introducing Elmo

Elmo is a Regional Manager for a global insurance company. He was looking for a flexible English language course that fit around his busy work schedule, and found that the 24/7 availability of EF English Live was the perfect solution. He's been a student now for 2 years and makes a point to immerse himself in the language, wherever he is. “No matter where I am – at hotels, airports etc – I try to put in an hour every day. I also consciously put the TV channel on English news (CNN/BBC) and read English newspapers online.”


Elmo set himself an impressive goal.
“Career progression is important to me, as was being able to communicate whilst traveling. My goal is fluency and making recognizable progress towards that goal keeps me studying.”

EF English Live made it easy for him to fit learning into his life.
“The ability to study 24/7 is critical given the demands work places on my time. I have a heavy travel schedule and find myself in transit most weekends. I make sure that I take Group and Private Classes on a regular basis to support what I learn though the online exercises. I consider them to be vital.”

Elmo understands the real value of learning English.
"English is truly a global language and I think that being able to speak it broadens my horizons significantly.”

How can Elmo tell he’s improving?
“When I first began studying with EF English Live I found the opening moments of Group Classes pretty difficult. However, as the class wore on I began to grasp the topic and was able to contribute to the discussion. Over time the length of the uneasy first moments of class has decreased and that makes me sense that I’ve advanced.”

Meet Sindy

As a restaurant hostess for a cruise ship, Sindy knows that English proficiency is a great asset for her career and useful on her travels. She's been a student with EF English Live for a year and a half and has already progressed through 7 levels. She's appreciates the efficiency and flexibility of learning online. “I enrolled in a school I attended once a week for face-to-face lessons. I found my progress to be slow, so I opted for EF English Live and have found much more success using its method.”


Sindy always knew she wanted to learn English.
“I’ve always loved English. My parents only spoke Portuguese growing up and I couldn’t afford to take lessons when I was in school. When I got my first job, I was keen to invest in learning. I know that adding English to my CV will enhance my career and salary prospects, so that keeps me motivated.”

What does Sindy like best about EF English Live?
“I find that Group and Private Classes have hastened my improvement the most. The conventional way of listening to recorded English and then repeating phrases is much less helpful than being asked to think on your feet and answer questions about yourself and your own experiences in a Group Class setting. Formulating your own answers in English is difficult but an essential part of learning. I also like the fact that teachers have variety of accents – not just Portuguese. This helps when my own accent needs to be corrected and I can hear the accurate sound clearer.”

How does Sindy fit learning into her life?
“I try to do 2 hours of studying a day. This might mean coming in a bit early to work or signing on at lunch time, but I don’t mind – I’m a little addicted! On weekends I try to do a handful of Group Classes. I’m getting to know some of the teachers and I love how attentive they are to my questions – both during sessions and by responding to the odd email afterwards.”

What keeps Sindy motivated?
“I love to travel and becoming fluent in English will make it easier and more rewarding. I also appreciate the fact that now my speaking is progressing to the level of my reading – especially in relation to grammar.”